How I Feel About Social Media (Right Now)


Photo by me taken on the side of a road in Scottsdale, AZ

There are some days that I really don’t care for social media. Those days where it causes more stress than anything in my life and I think about what it would have been like to live in a time when the internet didn’t exist. Where I wouldn’t be constantly aware of what other people – distant acquaintances – were up to or where their lives had led. I could live in happy oblivion to the lives of people that I would never interact with in person anyways and life would be simpler.

But, a recent event suddenly made me think about this window into other people’s lives slightly differently.

A man that I was acquainted with at one point in my life recently died. He was 29 years old and he drowned in a helicopter accident. I wasn’t close to this man…I wouldn’t even say that we were friends. We went to high school in the same city and at that time he was more of a friend of a friend. We probably met briefly at a party and then started following each other on social media at a point in time that I can’t even remember.

However, over the years I have seen random posts from him and, without really knowing him at all, I still was aware that he moved from our high school town to NYC and that he was engaged to be married – all because of social media.

The funny thing about nowadays is that if someone who you barely knew and maybe talked to only once dies you will know about it – because of social media.

Before, I thought it would have been nice to live in oblivion and not know about tragedies in other people’s lives – however today I am grateful. Over the past few days I have hugged my loved ones a little bit closer. I have been more thankful for being able to make dinner with my boyfriend and being able to snuggle my dog. I am more thankful for being alive.

And one might argue that it is all because of social media…


Xx Katherine

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